Welcome!  I am so happy to welcome you to my little internet home and hope that you find content that you enjoy reading.

Throughout the site, I will post articles on fashion trends, styling, and other ideas to help make LuLaRoe styling accessible to you in your daily life.  As a mom, I will also show a behind the scenes look into what my life looks like as a full time, stay-at-home mom and fashion consultant.

I have two children, Hartley and Easton (thus the web address) and we are homeschooling this year.  THAT has been quite a learning experience but I do really value the time that I have with my children each day.  After having been a teacher, where I spent a good part of each day with other people’s children and rarely seeing my own, I am keenly aware of the blessing I have been given in finding a job that fits me so perfectly.

As a teacher, I loved helping others.  It was the one part of my job that I knew was making a difference.  However, the burnout and growing workload was taking its toll on me and I prayed for an opportunity that would allow me to spend more time with my kids and help ease the financial burden our family was constantly feeling being a two-teacher household.  We all know teachers are highly undervalued and underpaid and the financial stress of just getting by was like a boulder I carried on my shoulders each day.

Now, I get to watch a woman’s face light up when she exits the dressing room after trying on something she didn’t think she could wear and then realizing how amazing she looks in it.  I get to help a woman who owned a wardrobe full of gray and black find her own style that doesn’t have to be full of drab neutrals.  And, I get to do it all while being home with my kids.

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