What makes LuLaRoe so amazing?

When I first heard of LuLaRoe, it was occasional internet chatter about some super soft leggings.  However, I soon learned that LuLaRoe was SO much more than just leggings and I had to see what all the fuss was about.

When I attended my first pop-up boutique, I saw for myself what the craze was all about.  The first skirt to catch my eye, the Cassie skirt, looked like a traditional pencil skirt (which had previously always been the bane of my existence).  If you are like me, a mother who carries extra weight in her midsection, a pencil skirt was the last thing I wanted to wear.  Images of pinching fabric, saggy skin spilling over the top, and complete discomfort immediately flashed in my head.  However, the consultant for the pop-up assured me that this pencil skirt was not like any other, and BOY WAS SHE RIGHT?!!  Made of a stretchy material, this skirt was not only flattering but incredibly comfortable!  You mean I can look cute AND be comfy!?! SIGN ME UP!

I soon learned that the Cassie skirt wasn’t just a fashionable fluke.  LuLaRoe is very meticulous in the creation of each style in the line they produce, fitting each size woman rather than simply adjusting the pattern.  This means that each dress, skirt, and top they make will look just as flattering on a size 2 as it does on a size 22.  (I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty AMAZING!)

With so many options available, LuLaRoe is sure to have a style (or ten) that you will love.  I can’t wait to help you discover the clothes that are going to change how you get dressed every day!

4 thoughts on “What makes LuLaRoe so amazing?

  1. Hi there! I just sent in my paperwork to be a new consultant. I LOVE reading stories like yours! As I find myself trying to tell my family how amazing not just the clothes are but the entire company and not even touching the surface. Good luck with your blog and your LuLaRoe!

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  2. I literally am in love with this blog and the different outfits and how to blend them gives me a better insight because this is my first time with lularoe and I’m still super excited about my first purchase I didn’t believe everyone when they told me lularoe is amazing and they definitely weren’t lying I absolutely am in love with lularoe leggings so far thank you!!!!!


    1. Thanks Erica! This is a new big project for me but I love being able to show different ways to wear the styles together.

      So glad that you took a chance to try it! Thanks for being such an awesome customer! ❤


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