Pattern Mixing

One of the first big things I learned when I began my journey with LuLaRoe was pattern mixing.

Growing up, I was always taught that you never wore more than one pattern, and if you wore a pattern, the colors had to match the other pieces in your wardrobe exactly.

But boy were my eyes opened when I became a LuLaRoe fashion consultant!  I began attending every training I could on styling because I knew it was an area I was not super proficient in.  Prior to LuLaRoe, my wardrobe was as bland as they come: khaki pants, striped shirts, and the occasional cardigan to really spice things up.  (BORING!)

I remember sitting in a styling training and hearing the patterns that are now considered neutrals and feeling my heart leap with happiness as I learned that I could find new ways to combine patterns and color…no more blah wardrobe!

One of the first rules of pattern mixing is to choose patterns that do not compete with one another.  In the image below, the floral pattern in the Classic Tee and the plaid of the Cassie skirt work because they are complimentary in color without competing.  (Florals and plaids are both considered a neutral, along with leopard, camo, stripes, and polka dots.)


The aqua, blues, and navy of this outfit are what makes it work.  By staying within a blue color palette, this combination looks classy without being boring.  Paired with a neutral taupe bootie, this outfit is perfect year round.

Micro-striping is another popular way to pair a pattern with another pattern.  Because the striping in micro-striping is so subtle, it almost appears solid from a distance so it is easy to pair with a bigger pattern without competing or looking too busy.

In the outfits below, both Classic Tees have black micro-striping but wear as a solid.


The subtle black striping in the top brings out the black highlights in the skirt.  Though the skirt has a strong pattern, the smaller micro-striping in the Classic Tee offers a complimentary style.


This outfit illustrates pattern mixing in a similar pattern but varying size: both pieces are striped but work together because the smaller pattern in the top does not compete with the larger striping in the dress.  The blush/black color combination in this outfit is both soft and feminine without being boring.

Another great way to wear a strong pattern is to pair it with a solid piece.  Many people who are afraid to wear big patterns will find more comfort in pairing it with a solid, which will help tone down the overall pattern in a more wearable, accessible way.  One of the great things about LuLaRoe is the non-traditional way in which many of our styles can be worn.


In this outfit, the ribbed olive Classic Tee is worn backwards and tied in the center, highlighting the waistline and helping to slim the smallest point of the body.  Under the tee is an Amelia dress, though it looks more like a skirt here.  The Amelia dress is made with box-pleating and hidden pockets, making it a great wardrobe staple.

As mentioned before, stripes are considered a neutral so it is easy to pair them with a bolder pattern without feeling like your outfit is too wild for everyday wear.


The Carly dress pictured above has a burgundy monochromatic stripe pattern that pairs well with the geometric print leggings, as it brings out the similar burgundy color in the leggings, offering a complimentary color palette and pattern mix.  Paired with a neutral taupe bootie, this is an easy-to-throw-on outfit, perfect for anyone on the go.

Another fabulous way to pattern mix is by layering textures.  By layering textures in fabrics and keeping a similar color palette, it is easy to feel put together with little effort put forth into planning.


In the outfit pictured above, the slight texture in the Lindsay kimono adds depth to the outfit, while remaining in the color palette of the stronger pattern in the Cassie skirt.  By pairing the two with a heathered Irma tunic and tying it on the side, the outfit gets a fun pop of color without being overwhelming or too matchy-matchy.  Paired with a simply black bootie, this outfit is perfect for a day at the office and will transition easily into a night out with the girls.

Pattern mixing doesn’t have to be scary.  Though it is something not many of us grew up knowing what to do, LuLaRoe provides thousands of options for playing with pattern, color, and texture in a way that is both accessible and wearable without being too fashion-forward to feel comfortable wearing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or reach out.  I can’t wait to hear how you style your pieces to try out pattern mixing!


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