Fresh and Fashionable Layers for any Wardrobe

Layering clothing can be a fun and innovative way to express yourself. It can also make a bold statement in a completely opposite direction when you blend desired colors. Whether you enjoy switching between a few of your personal must-haves or your wardrobe is full of exciting options, you can keep your personal style unique and fresh every day! Adding eye-catching layers with peppy textures bring a whole new look to your everyday wardrobe while you worry less about what to wear! Check out these fun tips for layering your look.

Amelia dress

Sparkle Over-Load

When you’re debating on what to wear to the work party, you may feel inclined to ‘glitz and glam’ it up. There’s nothing wrong with throwing a few dazzling accessories to the mix, however, there’s a reason why the giant studs were left behind with the 80’s. Ease those shimmers into your outfit by adding a few gold accessories such as a bracelet and necklace to your Amelia Dress. This piece highlights your angles while providing a comfortable fit. And the best part about it? Hidden pockets adorn the side-front of the dress while the soft patterns play off those feminine features.

Julia dress

The Blue Collar Low Down

You’re a hardworking machine. You are always on the go, running errands, sitting in meetings, and answering demanding phone calls. No matter what industry you’re in, the biggest factor is practical and comfortable work attire, even if you only have two outfits! The Julia dress, for example, offers a comfortable and elegant fit while remaining sharp throughout the day. The mid-length sleeves give you sleek, partial arm coverage as the dress comes to knee length without restricting movement.

Amelia with Joy

Fun with Fabric

Many individuals underestimate the usage of various fabric types and how they play a role in layering. Knit and cotton are most common types of fabric and support all-day breathability. For example, you could pair the whimsical LuLaRoe Joy Vest over a short sleeved Amelia dress. This ensemble boasts playful colors while complementing all body types in a Jacobean bird pattern. Perhaps the weather dictates your clothing style and by mid-day, you’re warmer than you were when you left the house. The stylish Lindsey Kimono has ¾ (length) billowed sleeves and falls and flows with your every move. A cool and comfortable extra layer!

Remember, you can have too many layers when adding thick and bulky materials to the mix! Heavier and oversized layers will only add unwanted curves to your figure.

Julia with Lindsay Kimono

Mom Unplugged

Motherhood can be a rewardingly exhausting job, especially if you’re working all day. There’s no doubt that when you have that special day off, the last thing you want to do is get dressed up to go shopping. Moms of all kinds can relate to the indecisive ‘what to wear’ conundrum. It’s more than just grabbing a pair of jeans and a comfy t-shirt. So, how do you throw something together quickly without looking like the laundry pile? Grab a pair of the LuLaRoe leggings to add comfort and functionality for those swift runs through the aisles. Add depth to your torso by layering those leggings with the Irma Tunic. This classic piece provides full coverage around the bodice while remaining stylish and comfortable. The Sarah Cardigan offers versatility without overdressing for grocery shopping. It falls effortlessly at mid-calf length.  Maybe even add a thin belt around the waist. It will take you less than 10 minutes and you’re out the door looking fabulous and turning heads.

There really isn’t a wrong way to layer; however, some are just more complimentary than others. You can complete the look and style you are striving to achieve whether you’re an active mom or a savvy business woman.

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