Work it, girl! 4 Ways to transform your work wear

Did you know that you can take just one outfit from your workwear and turn it into 4 completely new looks? How many times have you wished for something new to wear to work without bending the rules or breaking the budget? With just a few simple switches of accessories, you can have a completely new ensemble for every day that you work. Let’s take the Julia dress, the Classic T, the Cassie skirt, and the Sarah cardigan and transform them into whole new looks!



The Julia Dress

Adorned with a playful floral pattern that shed its shadow upon a turquoise background, the Julia dress allows you to be as diverse as you’d like. It is bold enough to tell a story yet subtle enough to compliment your line of work. Add a neutral colored lightweight Jersey scarf around the neckline to give off a sleek appearance while remaining non-constricting and comfortable all day long. Since the Julia reaches knee length, you can sport a pair of black comfy boots to match.


Julia, with Sarah & Cassie

Clean lines and a neutral backdrop blend perfectly with this colorful workwear outfit. The Julia dress disguises as a shirt underneath the Cassie skirt. This weightless skirt can be adjusted to your desired length, above the waist or resting comfortably on your hips. You don’t worry about the weight of the clothes because the Julia dress comfortably hugs the body without bulking or crimping under the skirt. The Sarah cardigan provides that extra comfort without adding overbearing layers. Lofty pockets gather at the sides of this cardigan too. Should the office get a little chilly, throw on the Sarah for a breathable, cozy layer.


The Classic over the Julia

Watch out! Fresh, bold blue hues are running rampant on this outfit. The Julia dress disguises itself to fit exactly to the body’s shape, acting as a skirt while introducing the ultra-comfy jersey knit Classic T as the top. Accessorizing has never been so simple with this ensemble, whether you like gold or hot pink. The top sits loosely for breathable comfort without feeling heavy over the dress. A simple yet innovative way to celebrate the brilliance of your favorite workwear…without costing a penny extra!


Altogether Now!

And it just gets better with each mix and match! Sarah and Julia are the main attractions this time, pulling out those strong, bold lines that let the Julia dress do the talking. Again, without restriction in movement or discomfort while you’re standing up for long meetings, the Classic T falls perfectly over the Julia dress. It’s an easy-peasy ensemble that showcases your best features without inhibiting comfort throughout the day.


So, what are you wearing for work? Tell us what’s hangin’ out in your closet and you will be entered into our giveaway for a fabulous LuLaRoe wardrobe! You have to join us here and like our page, and comment on our giveaway post to be entered!

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