Dressing the Man in your Life

Is there such a thing as comfortable yet stylish clothing for the man in your life? Maybe your son tends to trend a little questionable and you’d like him to stick to something that is classier. Your husband may have his crisp and professional suit for work but may not own a stitch of comfortable and stylish clothing that fits with any other part of his week. Or maybe he just hasn’t thought too much about it. That’s why we’re here, ladies! The answer is simple! Introduce your men to these functional and practical casual clothes that will make him glad you did!




Dress your age!

Acting your age? You know what that means! But dressing your age? Well, most of us don’t consider what we wear (and that isn’t a bad thing!). According to GQ, a fundamental difference lies between fashion and style. But let’s be practical. No matter what your age, you want your son, husband, or partner to be comfortable and look their best. So, first and foremost, pride on this: what their best features and attributes are and then match them up, whether they’re in a tux from 9-5 or on a truck delivery from 10-3.

Off the Cuff

Let’s take a look at the work-wear. He might have 5 outfits (if that many) of clothes that require him to stay in line with his uniform, but can he change it up a bit? For example, those days when work runs late and he needs a quick wardrobe switch for the kids’ softball game, the Patrick T has him covered. This LuLaRoe men’s shirt is lightweight and slim cut, evenly covering the body. The stylish colors mesh with just about any pants and look flawless under a slim and lightweight jacket.


Sunday Funday

Whether you’re going to church, recitals, or special work events, the Gracie T will make life much easier. Don’t hassle over getting up early to lay out the kids’ clothes because this shirt type will make it easier to dress them. The Gracie T is a top with a high-low hemline that is loose fitting but versatile to wear on any occasion! Your active boys can jump, bounce, and run in this shirt without feeling hot or restricted but still remain crisp and fresh. Especially after church, those boys are going to want to kick the ball and climb the trees and this is the perfect shirt for active kids.

Day In, Day Out

So it’s his day off of work and you both have the day to meander around town. Shopping and eating, and maybe catching a movie before picking up the kids from school. But what to wear? It’s not really a “date” day, but it’s certainly special since you both don’t get this special time all that often. You have a spectacular outfit and you’re a little leery of what his anti-work wear might consist of. Well, as long as he has the Mark Henley top, you’re good to go. Sporting raglan sleeves and three buttons along the top, this simple yet classic shirt will pair with any dark jeans in his wardrobe.

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