The Importance of Color + Spring’s Leading Shade

I’m ready for Spring and I’m ready to do it in my new favorite color, blue; from navy to aqua and every shade in between, the new styles I’ve picked up have made me fall in love with this classic color. Color is said to have the ability to affect one’s mood and emotions; the pale green walls of a spa can help you feel calm and relaxed while the same space in red can make you feel energized. Color associations can be subjective, however there is also science behind these powerful connections. For instance, one study found that seeing the color red before taking an exam can actually hurt a student’s test performance. As another example, blue street lights installed in Glasgow, Scotland resulted in reduced crime rates in those areas. Who knew color could be so powerful!

So what does blue signify?


Blue is said to be a shade that is most linked to creativity, calm, serenity and intelligence. It is also said to inspire trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. I’ll take it!

The importance of color is something that is not lost on real estate professionals or interior designers who know how color can change how someone feels about and in a space; white may help create a space that feels refreshing or clean, while yellow might feel bright and optimistic. In your home, blue is used to create an atmosphere of meditation, enlarge a room and is actually shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Some studies have even shown that if you use dishes in the color blue, it is said to decrease appetite and promotes weight loss. (Before you throw out all your dishes, maybe just do a trial run with some blue paper plates). 🙂

Pantone is an institute exclusively focused on color and who determine the stand out colors for each season and year; it doesn’t surprise me that 3 beautiful shades of blue top their list for the leading colors for Spring. null

Beyond these supposed color association fun facts, blue is a color that is simply eye-catching with proof in these amazing new styles I’ve added to my shop. A fan favorite is the Classic Tee and Cassie Skirt which contrasts a beautiful abstract print with bold blue and white stripes. The mixture of patterns is both subtle with the blue tones in both pieces but also adventurous.


Another shop favorite pairing is the Irma Top and TC Leggings. This lighter indigo blue with a slight purple tint is gorgeous and when paired with these Irma patterned leggings and comfortable fashion sneakers, it’s the perfect weekend wear.


Lastly, and my personal favorite, is the new Lola skirt; this skirt can be paired with a simple white tank and nude sandals for a subtle yet elegant look. Calm, serene, loyal and creative, it’s how I’m stepping into Spring! Want to get your hands on these beautiful blue shades? Click here and come shop!


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